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Need For Speed? Kartomania, Is Where You Can Rev Up Your Race Car Driving Dreams!

The Need For Speed! A memory flashed! If Top Gun was your need for speed, then Gurgaon has something for you that may be the closest first-hand experience at it. If you’re the junkie that wants to feel your heart race, take it to the next level excitement, get your adrenaline rushing and experience the unforgettable, then go-karting is the answer…. And what better way than to begin with Northern India’s first indoor Karting track?

‘Lap’ It Up…. In Style!

That not withstanding, get ready to experience the sheer thrill and adventure of a new Go-karting track in the neighbourhood… Kartomania is your access to speed buffing, done right! Located within the hustle of the busy Global Foyer Mall, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, this new go-karting destination is the answer to the rawest, most unassuming, yet the safest bet at acceleration!

The soul and toil of ace professional racer, Rohit Khanna, since September 2018, this was but the obvious route for him to provide a space for people to peddle the metal &‘accelerate’ competition amongst racers enroute to becoming professionals! My first impression of the place can be likened to a child in awe! The place grabs you by the horns and brings you to an entirely offbeat experience.

If You’re Thinking Off-Track…. Get On It!

Adrenaline rush aside, Kartomania easily blends into the culture of the ever evolving, adventurous Gurgaon. The place holds every go-kart junkie’s veins…. here’s why…

  • professional Karting experience and training to budding and experienced speed enthusiasts in Delhi NCR.
  • Kartomania is the only indoor go-karting facility in Delhi NCR.
  • The ONLY track provides for top of the line fuel propelled karts catering to all age groups.
  • The only place to test speed, burn rubber & on multiple layouts
  • The quickest Go-karts in NCR! Get your veins pumping today!
  • Spanning a length of over 350 meters, holding 12 turns with a great mix of tight & technical corners coupled with fast sweeping turns, to give a lifetime experience of racing in the real world.
  • With a fleet of 4 karts for kids, 7 karts for adults and 1 twin seater, a joyride is ensured!
  • The Karts are professionally engineered and handled by a team of professionals to give you consistent, seamless experience throughout your ride!
  • Coaching for budding racers, from the age of 8 years.
  • With a Pool table, Fooseball table and a Dartboard handy, this stimulating destination could be a one stop thrill hub.



Arrive & Drive
₹ 6001 Session
(6 minutes)

Note: If you choose a plan with 10 laps, then it should be completed within 10 minutes. 


₹ 28505 Sessions
X 6 minutes Each
₹ 540010 Sessions
X 6 minutes Each
₹ 765015 Sessions
X 6 minutes Each

Note: For members the sessions are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.

The sessions and membership can be split by the member with  family and friends.

Track Layout


Get Competetive!

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Mon – Fri – 1300hrs  to 2100hrs
Sat – Sun – 1200hrs  to 2100hrs

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